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Designer tool- Custom Phone Socket

Sale price Price $16.50 Regular price $16.50

Price comparison

We aren't going to ignore the elephant on the web, we know we have competitors so we thought we would show you the differences between a competitors product and ours.

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Price: 17.99 USD Including shipping (Domestically in the US)
Price For Australians: $28.00 (That's Crazy)
(DHL shipping, $105 fee for express! wowza)
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Price for Americans : Roughly $14.06 USD (Price conversion may be off)
Price For Australians: Now $19.99  (White Base $16.50)

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 Custom Collapsible Grip And Stand for Phones & Tablets, an interesting accessory for you phone that makes holding you phone more easier! It can offer a secure grip so you can control and use you phone or tablets with just one hand, and efficiently stop phone dropping!

Choose From Five Base Colours