Will TikTok be banned in Australia


We don't know for sure but The Herald Sun reports that plans are underway to haul the platform before the senate inquiry as it's feared that the platform is used to "scalp" user data to send to Beijing. Ooft.

Over 1.6 million Australians use the app TikTok but that may soon change. Following India banning the app & the U.S "Looking into" the app, Australian officials have considered their own inquiry into what the company does with our data.

If it's found that China is using the app to spy on Australians I can dare say they'll give it the boot & many other Chinese apps. You'll be sayin' to your mate one day "HEY DAVEO! You remember that app that ya mum and sister used everyday" and dave will say, NO. I don't know what ya talkin' about steveo, now drink this bloody beer out of my boot.

The Herald Sun reports that the Australian Defence Force also banned the use of the app on any defence issued device earlier this year.

Is it an attempt to hurt the Chinese economy after they unleashed a devastating virus onto the world. Maybe. Or maybe the Chinese government is spying on us, it's not to far fetched.

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  • Ben

    Bloody beer 🤮 wtf hahaha you Australians are fucked up

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