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How to start earning money

First off this is not a get rich quick scheme! We're offering a partnership which allows you to earn money from: Traffic generated & Sales. Is it easy to make money online? Yes! And No. It is easy to sell things to people who're genuinely interested in a product but some people do buy out of FOMO. If you have an audience that likes any of our products you're more likely to sell them than someone who doesn't have an audience.


 Step 1 

Join our affiliate program for free, you'll get a dashboard with tools to help you sell online. Get your link

Note: Your link is how we track your referrals, your dashboard is where you'll see sales & money generated.


 Step 2 

Post your link to your Instagram account and post occasionally about our brand. Start selling


 Final step 

Stay persistent and build your audience. Get paid

Need more help? Don't worry we're here for you, email or contact us on Facebook and we'll help you get started.


  • Adam

    Can I join if I’m from Quebec? Also do I get paid in AUD or USD

  • Timbo

    Short and sweet!

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