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How To Create A Blogging Site For Free

Step 1

Setup your free blogging site HERE, choose a theme and add content to your blog.

Create your content based on your interests and what you'll be blogging about, for example "fashion", "sport", "news" etc.

Create your first pages and blog posts, your pages contain permanent fixed content such as "contact us" & "about us" and posts contain your temporary content such as "hottest new products by markskrill" or "new articles"

Step 2

Build a following, share your blog articles on social media & get people to subscribe to your blog so that you can engage with them on your site and through email. 

You should note that a free site isn't as attractive as a paid one, upgrade your site to a premium plan so that you have the option of a custom domain name, it will look better when shared.

Step 3

Find product/s to sell on ''Affiliate networks'' or upgrade your site.

We suggest joining our network and promoting our products on your blog for free!


Upgrade your site to premium to activate ads, display ads in your blog articles and make money based on impressions.

(You don't have to upgrade to promote our brand)


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