Spend your ETN at Markskrill

Those who use the mobile cloud miner have probably saved a small amount of ETN or maybe even store their ETN in the mobile wallet app. The Problem?
Where to spend the damn things, for countries like brazil and africa it might be easier to off load their ETN as local businesses accept the coin for goods and services as well as being able to "top up" their phone data.
The other way is to sell them on exchanges, but we suggest supporting local businesses that accept the currency, maybe then there will be mass adoption.

Where to buy ETN

From exchanges, if you're new to investing in Cryptocurrencies you should be wary of how much funds you deposit, you should also do your due diligence.

COINSPOT (Australian)

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App rewards

Currently you can activate the cloud miner on your electroneum app, earning ETN monthly.

Select Coinpayments at checkout.

We also accept coins via coinbase commerce however we only accept ETN via Coinpayments as coinbase does not support an ETN Wallet.