Don't be put off from seeing a movie yourself just because the reviews are bad, maybe you'll like it, maybe your kids'll like it. However don't get your hopes up by thinking this will be like the classic Dr Dolittle with Eddie Murphy because it's not.

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"Dolittle is indeed a kids movie, and while Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson was willing to cut the film a little slack on that front, he noted that even the kids in his audience eventually got bored. “The little ones in my audience sounded plenty enthralled in the beginning stretches of the movie, laughing when the one computer animal hit the other computer animal on the head, shrieking with delight whenever a kooky-cute new character popped up on screen,” he wrote. “But eventually they seemed to grow restless, their engagement with the bright, frantic film waning as it offered up fewer and fewer surprises.”